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At the core of Malba's artistry is her warm and haunting voice. With a vocal style that is equal parts soulful and ethereal, she effortlessly weaves her way through intricate and theatrical arrangements and her delicate alt-folk soundscapes create a mesmerising atmosphere, transporting listeners to another world.


As a songwriter, poet, and sound artist, Malba fearlessly delves into the depths of human experience. Her introspective lyrics touch upon themes of vulnerability, trauma, hope, and mental health with intense honesty. Through her music, she offers a space for self-reflection and invites listeners to question the complexities of life. Despite her late entry into the world of songwriting, Malba's passion for music was ignited after the death of her father in 2013. This profound loss spurred her on to pursue a career as a singer-songwriter, a decision that has become a testament to the fragility and beauty of life.

Malba pursued a Masters in Songwriting, at the University of the West of Scotland in 2019 earning a distinction for her exceptional work. The written research undertaken in this academic endeavour focussed on Therapeutic Songwriting and PTSD which culminates in her debut album ‘Uncovery’ which allowed her to begin to process the death of her mother, miscarriage and a cancer diagnosis all within the space of six months.


Malba's candid and honest discussions in her vlog, 'Weegie Wisdom,' delves into topics such as mental health, gratitude, and authenticity which offers her viewers an insight into her own journey.


As Malba continues to push the boundaries of her artistry, her soulful vocals and thought-provoking compositions cement her status as an artist with a message. With each song she creates, she invites audiences to embark on an introspective and cathartic journey, giving voice to emotions and experiences that are often left unspoken.

In a world hungry for genuine connection and meaningful expression, Malba has emerged as a beacon of hope. Her music serves as a powerful reminder that through vulnerability and art, we can find healing, strength, and our own authentic voice.

In 2024 Malba will release her debut album ‘Uncovery’ and venture into other artistic mediums, with a one-woman show, a book of poetry, and artwork in the making. Her voice now resonates not just in her music but through various creative outlets, following on from her exhibition and EP ‘Transformation’ in 2016.

“So atmospheric and such evocative lyrics”
Claire Neilson (Blueflint)
"Malba is a great collaborator to work with. She comes in to our writing sessions armed with ideas and material. Always willing to reach compromise for the good of the song and always adds original touches that really enhances the work."
Stu Kidd (KiDD)
"With the voice of an angel, Maureen facilitates community, healing and spirituality through her use of melody, rhythm & harmony."

     Christine Stevens (Upbeat Drum Circles)



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